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User manual

This manual applies to version 0.1.1 beta. Version 0.2 beta will contain GPS support for Amsterdam, but is currently in development and not yet released.

Before using the application it is required that you have subscribed to one of the supported parking providers and have correctly registered your information with them. Please refer to instructions of the provider for further details.

After you have registered with one of the subscribers download the application from Android Market. When it is installed you start it up and hit the settings tab, that is the most right top button.

(fig 1 - main screen)

Now choose "select provider" and select the provider that you are subscribed to from the menu. If you select the 'test' provider then the application will run in test mode. It uses a virtual provider and will not really send text messages. This mode allows you to play around.

(fig 2 - provider selection)

After you have selected the provider the application will remember what you chose. You do not need to do this again, unless you are subscribed to several providers and need to switch between them.

Now you are all set to hit the road! When you arrive at a parking place start up the application again and enter the information that is needed. The minimum requirement is to enter the zone code. When you are done press 'start'. That's it, Meter Maid will now send an SMS text message containing the information to the selected provider. You will see the exact contents of this message displayed for a short while. Also the status of the application changes to 'parked'. This will disable provider selection until you have stopped parking. You can exit the application, it will remember the state it is in when you start it up again.

(fig 3 - start parking)

When you return to the car all you need to do is press 'stop'.

Meter Maid will remember the zone that you have filled in and will display it again when you restart the application. If you want to bookmark the zone for future use then press the 'add bookmark icon' (most right one). This will show a menu that allows you to enter a description for the zone, if you do not enter a description it will use the zone code as a description.

(fig 4 - bookmarking)

After bookmarking a zone code all you need to do is to select the bookmark from the bookmark menu the next time you park in the same zone.

(fig 5 - selecting a bookmark)

It is also possible to bookmark license plate numbers, it works in the same way as bookmarking zone codes. If you want to delete a bookmark then press the appropriate tab to review the bookmarks present and select the one you want to delete.